Goverdan Puja / Nhu Dan– The Fourth day of Diwali / Tihar

Goverdan Puja / Nhu Dan– The Fourth day of Diwali/ Tihar

Goverdan Puja

The fourth day of the Tihar festival, is called ‘Goru Tihar/Govardhan Puja/ Mha Puja.’ The day begins with the worship of Govardhan (symbolic representation of mountain). People also worship ‘Goru (an Ox)’, appreciating its importance in ploughing the field during cultivation. In the evening boys and men visit neighboring houses chanting ‘Deusi’ folklores and songs, receiving foods, fruits, sweets, and money by the respective house owner, upon receiving these items they in return give blessings to the house owner for wealth and prosperity in coming years.

Mha Puja

The Newar community has their own celebration in the evening of this day, The Mha Puja (Self Worship) falls on the Newari New Year 'Nhu Dan 1141' known as Nepal Sambat. On this auspicious day, the Newari community worship their own self and pray for physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Every Family member (from children to elder) sit on a line and creates a mandap decorated with flowers, sweets, garlands, and lights. They accept ‘Sanga/Sagun (auspicious)’ which is a combination of cultural dishes mainly (boiled then fried) eggs, bara, yoghurt, buff meat, fish, ginger garlic fried and local rice wine. The Itaa (lights) are kept around the mandap which intensifies the bond and well being of the family. They put tika and mala and they crush wallnuts in assumption that 'Yamaraj' will not be able to cross the way with crushed wallnuts and that's how, it will not be able to come to take your life. 

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