Jewelry Insurance

Jewelry Insurance

When your jewelry gets damaged, the last thing you should worry about is how to repair or replace it. You need a fast, easy-to-use care plan to get you up and running again.

  Getting insurance for your jewelry will give you confidence to wear it.  Our store provides the facility of insurance using the JM Care Plan.

  Contact us to know more about this plan.

JM Care



  JM Care Plan™ is an additional warranty plan to protect your jewelry from normal wear and keep each piece looking like the day you got it.
If your piece is damaged from normal wear, your care plan covers repair, and if it can’t be fixed, it will be replaced.


1. Buy JM Care Plan™ from us at the time you purchase your jewelry. 
2. Wear your piece with confidence. JM Care Plan™ covers damage from normal wear.
3. If something happens to your jewelry, contact us to get started on the claim. You must have the receipt and JM Care Plan™ terms and conditions as proof of coverage.



*Jewelers Mutual Group has provided the content on this page.

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