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Jewelry care and Product Questions

With dust and moisture or the products that we use on a regular basis, metals do tend to get dirty or, in some cases, get oxidized, so it is very important that we take proper care of our jewelry. Take off your jewelry before you go to bed. While you’re not using it, make sure you place it properly. Do not wear your jewelry while taking a shower.
Certain substances can be detrimental to the longevity of fine jewelry. Chlorine and saltwater, commonly found in swimming pools and the sea, have corrosive effects on metals like gold and platinum, as well as the polish of gemstones. Jewelry should be removed before engaging in activities involving sunscreen, lotions, or showering, as these can create films that dull the jewelry's appearance. Vigilance during workouts, manual labor, and contact sports is crucial to prevent snagging, scratching, or chipping.
Yes, our diamonds are ethically sourced, and we take pride in ensuring they come from responsibly managed mines in Africa.
Yes, we do all kinds of customization. While ensuring that we meet your expectations, we will also guide you on what works better for your desired jewelry design.
Yes, our jewelry pieces are hypoallergenic as most of the jewelry is made up of real gold and silver. But some people might be allergic to certain Gold Karat.
Main Differences Between 14k and 18k Gold
14k Gold:
  • 14k gold is made up of 58.3% pure gold and 41.7% alloy metals.
  • The alloy metals added to gold can include copper, silver, or palladium.
  • This composition makes 14k gold more durable and resistant to scratches and wear.
  • It has a slightly paler color compared to 18k gold.
18k Gold:
  • 18k gold is composed of 75% pure gold and 25% alloy metals.
  • The higher gold content gives it a richer color and a more vibrant yellow hue.
  • Due to the higher gold content, 18k gold is softer and may be more prone to scratches.
  • It is a popular choice for those who prefer a more luxurious and warmer gold color.

In summary, the primary distinctions between 14k and 18k gold are their gold content, durability, color, and the resulting appearance of the jewelry. The choice between them often depends on personal preferences for color, durability, and the intended use of the jewelry piece.

Yes, we provide repair services for damaged jewelry. The time of repair may vary depending on the damage.
We provide boxes along with the jewelry that you purchase. You can definitely let us know if you want something wrapped up in a particular way.
Yes, you can include personalized messages with your order.

Online Order Questions

Our return policy for unused and undamaged items is available on our website. You can review the detailed policy by visiting our Return Policy Page.

To track the status of your order, we will send you email notifications for different tracking statuses. Additionally, you can contact us via phone at (408) 270-4367 for any assistance.

No, currently we don't provide international shipping. But we are working on it.

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