About Us

Where Are We?

Located in the heart of California, San Jose, a radiant gem shines bright – Classic Diamond Jewelry. Established in 2017, this exquisite jewelry store has not only become synonymous with timeless elegance but has also ingrained itself in the fabric of community engagement. Born from a passion for exceptional handmade gold and diamond jewelry, Classic Diamond Jewelry has evolved from its inception as B.R. Gems in 1997, surpassing milestones and gaining a reputation that resonates with aficionados of fine craftsmanship.


Classic Diamond Jewelry’s journey traces back to its initial roots as B.R. Gems in 1997, under the visionary leadership of Baburaja Maharjan. Since then, the brand has successfully crafted gems and jewelry to the liking of the diverse clientele. The transformation into Classic Diamond Jewelry reflects the brand’s commitment to evolving with the times while retaining its core values.

Our Journey​

Classic Diamond and Jewelry: A Decade-Long Journey of Growth and Global Expansion ​

Established in 2005 under the guidance of CEO Mr. Samir Maharjan, RB Enterprise began its journey as a modest booth in the NYC Jewelry District on 47th Street. Fueled by perseverance and hard work, the company steadily expanded its presence. In 2007, the first retail location was inaugurated in Juneau, Alaska, targeting the global tourist market. The year 2008 marked pivotal moments in RB Enterprise’s growth. Queens Diamond and Jewelry emerged in Jackson Heights, specifically serving the Asian Community. Simultaneously, Classic Diamond and Jewelry took root in Pulchowk, Nepal, showcasing a commitment to community welfare. 

Further expansion unfolded in 2012 with two additional retail locations, one in the U.S. at Wheaton Mall Silver Spring, MD, and the other in New Road, Kathmandu, Nepal. RB Enterprise’s journey continued with the establishment of Classic Diamond and Jewelry in Eastridge Mall San Jose, CA, in 2017. This strategic move solidified the company’s standing in the jewelry retail landscape, reflecting a dedication to meeting the diverse needs of its clientele. Guided by a passion for excellence, RB Enterprise has not only evolved as a business but has also become an integral part of communities, both local and global. The company’s commitment to growth and service remains unwavering as it continues to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the jewelry industry.  

From New York to Maryland and California in the United States to two havens in Kathmandu, the brand’s expansion mirrors its enduring popularity. Our radiant journey has also graced the grandeur of fashion runways, making an indelible mark on the National and International stage. Classic Diamond and Jewelry’s exquisite creations have bedecked esteemed events such as Timeless Paragon Jewelry Fashion Show (TPJFS), Face of Classic Diamonds 2014, and the regal Miss Nepal North America 2023 (MNNA) and the Queen of Queens Diamond 2023 pageant. Rooted in familial values, Classic Diamond and Jewelry embarked on its journey guided by the visionary leadership of Chairman Mr. Samir Maharjan and Mrs. Surya Maharjan. Their dedication and humble demeanor has endeared them to patrons in Nepal and the thriving California Bay Area San Jose, solidifying their status as respected figures. Classic Diamond and Jewelry’s artisanal craftsmanship seamlessly blends ethnic traditions with modernity.